Jan 18 2018

myFFmpeg 3.3.0 + Portable

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myFFmpeg 3.3.0 + Portable
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myFFmpeg is a simple to use shell application which enables a large variety of users to benefit from the capabilities of the FFmpeg tool. The program offers a comprehensive interface which makes the usage of FFmpeg functions accessible for everyone. You may thus convert multimedia files, trim or merge them.

Graphic front-end for a powerful video codec

The FFmpeg tool is capable of complex video/audio conversion, encoding, mux/demux, transcoding, streaming and playing. It supports a multitude of file types and formats, however, the tool only comes as a command line utility. While this feature makes it difficult for many users to apply its functions, there are however a series of programs which offer a graphical interface.

myFFmpeg is one such application, which allows you to make use of the FFmpeg capabilities, while working in a friendly environment. The application offers graphic interface for the FFmpeg functions: multimedia conversion, encoding, merging, trimming, creating DVD ISO image, splitting videos to images.

Video/audio editing with a comprehensive tool

myFFmpeg requires that you import the FFmpeg codec, then quickly apply its functions to the desired files. Importing files via drag and drop is supported. Moreover, you can set the suitable options for each file, individually: you may set the format by establishing the type of container or preset.

The menu on the left allows you to control various aspects, for each file, such as codecs, video and audio streams, filters or metadata. HD videos are supported, as well as specific options: visual trellis, field dominance, DCT algorithms, multi-threads, scaler or dithering.

Advanced audio settings allow you to choose from various codecs, a sample rate of maximum 96000Hz, and bitrate up to 512 kbit/s.

File merger and other options
myFFmpeg allows you to merge all the files in the workspace into a single multimedia document. Thus, you can join together videos, audio files or create slideshows from pictures. Alternatively, you can trim files, split videos into frames, add metadata and customize the streams of each individual file.

- Improved several presets.
- Batch view is now split into Source and Target panes.
- Now displays target information in the batch view.
- Rearranged preset selector menu.
- Added 'Advanced' button for Video and Audio codecs (right pane). This opens directly the relevant advanced options page of the selected codec.
- Optimised displaying source information.
- GOP size option is now disabled when 'Auto set GOP size' is enabled.
- Now uses CQP mode by default for NVEnc hardware encoding (H264 and H265).
- Added "SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info" option. (x265)
- Added "X and Y display primaries for R" option. (x265)
- Added "X and Y display primaries for G" option. (x265)
- Added "X and Y display primaries for B" option. (x265)
- Added "X,Y display primaries white point" options. (x265)
- Added "Max and Min Lumincance' option. (x265)
- Added "Max. "Content and max. frame average light level" option. (x265)
- Added "MaxCCL, MaxFall" option. (x265)
- Added "Force signalling of HDR parameters in SEI packets" option. (x265)
- Added "Add luma and chroma offsets for HDR/WCG content" option. (X265)
- Added "Limits frames for tone mapping information inserted as SEI messages" option. (x265)
- Added GOP multiplier "x0.5".
- Added two new preset 'Production AVC Standard' and 'Production AVC Lossless'.
- Fixed several GUI glitch.
- Fixed issue important files.
- Fixed issue setting the keyint_min value.
- Fixed issue pausing and continuing encoding.


myFFmpeg 3.3.0 + Portable

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